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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) if you are just starting out, can be a confusing word. Much has been said about it, some true, some not. We can resume it like this:

The objective of search engine optimization (SEO) is to increase your  Web site’s traffic, and lead clients, or consumers to your door. As a Lawrence SEO consultant this is my objective, my focus, my mission.

More than 90% of people looking for services or products will use a search engine, like Google, Yahoo, or MSN. There are many other search engines but these three are some the most commonly used.

Wikipedia reports that Google receives several hundred million queries every single day, and few searchers will ever look at the second page of results.

 Filippo Menczer, professor of informatics and computer science at the University of Indiana in Bloomington said : “Search engines have become the gateways between people and information.”

Search engines sort and rank pages by popularity. This popularity is in part a measure of “how well connected” your page is. It is easy to conclude from this that to get the traffic to you site, and consequently to your service or product, you need to rank higher than the top sites.

Traffic that comes from a search engine is referred to as organic traffic. Proper SEO demands that you target organic traffic and in doing so outsmart your competition. 

Improving a site’s ranking in the search engine is like a puzzle, all the pieces have to fit together properly to make a coherent picture. Relevant keywords have to be selected carefully, then competition keywords have to be considered as well as placement of keywords. It involves a delicate balance of technical and copywriting skills, an understanding of all the elements, with the capability to generate leads and on line traffic.

If your site is already set up and you would like a free evaluation of it please request your Free Ranking Report.

Are you building a site yourself?

But you you would prefer not to spend hours on it all the time, consider using Word Press as your platform. If you do not know how to use it there are countless free tutorials on the web for it.

Would you rather not waste you time searching for information and finding only partial info here and there you can download a Word Press book that will get you running in about 7 minutes. Will you know everything about Word Press? of course not! Will your blog be set up by the time you read the book if you follow the directions? No doubt.

Are you a visual learner?

video presentations may cost a little more, but not much and if watching how to set up a WordPress site is helpful to you, the couple extra dollars spent will be worth it.